Why Sharps Compliance



Since 1994, Sharps Compliance has provided affordable medical and pharmaceutical waste management solutions to over 50,000 customers nationwide.

Our cost-effective services help small to mid-size professional locations safely manage waste disposal in a compliant, environmentally-responsible manner.

Sharps mailback services give pharmacies, non-healthcare businesses, and residential customers safe disposal options for sharps and unused medications.

Medical Waste Disposal - The Sharps Compliance Advantage

Affordable Solutions with No Hidden Fees

Some companies offer a low price to attract customers, but then add extra fees for transportation, regulatory compliance, or onboarding. You're never really sure just how much that monthly invoice will be.

Sharps Compliance is different. Our all-inclusive pricing model is straightforward, affordable, and predictable. No surprises; just affordable, reliable service.

Collection Services That Meet Your Needs

Biohazardous Pickup: We provide route-based biohazardous medical waste pickup services for larger waste generators in cases where mailback options aren't the best fit.

Sharps Mail-In: Small waste producers use our convenient collection mailback containers that are returned via either USPS or UPS. All systems meet the requirements for safe transport of regulated medical waste and include

  • Primary collection container
  • Prepaid return shipping box
  • Components to package for transport
  • Waste manifest tracking form
  • Detailed user instructions


Blended: Sharps can blend our regulatory-compliant mailback and pickup services to ensure customers get the most appropriate service at an affordable price.

Single-Source Provider

You get a full-service solution for storage, transportation, tracking, and disposal of regulated medical, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste products.

Online Manifest Tracking

Customers use SharpsTracer to track and verify the receipt and treatment of returned materials. Online manifests tool eliminate paper-based tracking, and the system maintains records for five years at no extra cost. The robust system supports comprehensive tracking for customers with multiple locations.

Compliance Training

100% compliance with state and federal regulations is crucial. Use our ComplianceTrac training modules to keep staff up-to-date on current regulatory requirements and prepared for OSHA inspections.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sharps Compliance is an industry leader in sustainability and innovation. Landfill diversion is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect workers and the environment. We use recycling and a patented waste-to-energy generation process that reduces greenhouse gases while producing clean energy.

Since 2010, Sharps has diverted from landfills more than 11.9 million pounds of waste generated by more than 11,500 businesses and households.

Who We Serve

Medical Waste Solutions for Healthcare Providers

As an industry leader, Sharps Compliance can leverage customer support, sales, finance, EH&S/Regulatory knowledge, and more to provide a one-stop, affordable solution for small to mid-sized companies. We hire top people in their fields with decades of experience. You can depend on them for experience, expert knowledge, and guidance.

Sharps Collection & Biohazardous Spill Protection for Non-Healthcare Providers

Our needle collection and disposal systems are ideal for areas where self-injectors need to safely dispose of used sharps. These systems protect employees from hazardous material dumped in the trash, left in sinks, or flushed down toilets.

Cost-Effective, Convenient Disposal for Pharmacies

Sharps Compliance mailback systems help busy pharmacists safely dispose of sharps waste from immunizations and safely dispose of hazardous pharmaceutical waste. Consumers needing to dispose of unused medications can use our DEA-compliant MedSafe kiosks. Many pharmacies also offer our home pharmaceutical and sharps disposal products to consumers.

Compliant Disposal Solutions for Government Agencies

Sharps Compliance is an approved contractor with the U.S. General Services Administration. State and local governments take advantage of many services we offer, including

  • Sharps disposal containers for self-injectors
  • Unused medication disposal containers for patients and the general public
  • Medical waste service for health care facilities
  • Biohazardous spill kits
  • Destruction and mailback services

Helping Consumers Safely Dispose of Household Sharps & Pharmaceutical Waste

Our safe, affordable home healthcare waste solutions help residential users protect their communities from the dangers of improper sharps disposal and unused medications. Residential solutions include mailback envelopes for unused/unwanted drugs, collection and mailback containers for sharps, and recyclable IV poles.

Why Choose Sharps Compliance?

We're a large, trusted company with decades of experience in medical waste management. Because Sharps Compliance is publicly traded, we're subject to extra scrutiny and held to higher standards of performance and accountability.

Everything we do is in the interest of safety and compliance:

  • Consumer safety
  • Customer training and regulatory compliance
  • Patient health and safety
  • Environmental sustainability


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