SharpsTracer is an interactive web-based tracking and analytical program for Sharps Compliance customers. SharpsTracer allows customers to track and verify the receipt and treatment of returned materials as required by certain state and federal regulations, while eliminating the need for paper-based manifest tracking. Documentation may be maintained in your unique SharpsTracer account or printed.



  • Secure user name/password protection
  • Interface easily with other IT systems
  • Search by manifest or serial number
  • Sort and filter options
  • Create custom reports
  • PDF data reporting
  • Detailed analytical charts
  • Individual account generation (by location)
  • Proof of treatment

To request a SharpsTracer account, click here, to complete and submit a New User Registration Request form. Additionally, an account may be requested by contacting Customer Support at 800-772-5657, by faxing to 713-432-0555 or via email to [email protected].