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Markets served by Sharps Compliance

Sharps Compliance is a national leader in healthcare waste services for small to mid-size quantity generators. Our customers include traditional healthcare facilities, commercial businesses, government agencies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. As a single source provider of regulated environmental waste services, we manage biohazardous, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste streams.

We offer nationwide mailback and pickup services to meet our customer's biohazardous and pharmaceutical waste needs. With mailback, small quantity waste generators use systems to manage sharps disposal or other small amounts of medical waste such as tubing or personal protective equipment containing blood.

We operate fully permitted biohazardous waste pickup for facilities that generate larger quantities. Sharps Compliance directly services Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. Also, we manage a network of transport partners to cover the remaining United States. Contact one of our medical waste experts to find the best solution to handle your medical waste needs.

Healthcare Providers

Sharps Compliance specializes in small to mid-size quantity medical waste generators. We service medical facilities, dental offices, veterinarian clinics, long-term care facilities, home healthcare agencies, urgent care and much more. We blend mailback and pickup services to best match service and price for customers.

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Non-Healthcare Businesses

Outside of traditional healthcare, there is a need to protect employees and customers from the dangers of sharps and other potentially infectious waste. We provide commercial businesses with solutions to address proper sharps disposal and cleanup of infectious spills or other biohazardous waste.

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Our mailback services for sharps and other small quantities of medical waste ideal for pharmacies that offer immunizations. We service many of the national retail-clinics through the United States with our affordable Sharps Recovery System as well as independent pharmacies. In addition, we provide ultimate user medication disposal solutions and RCRA pharmaceutical disposal.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Our Patient Support Services for pharmaceutical manufacturers is the best in the industry. While the primary service is proper sharps disposal for patients, we go beyond the disposal to offer in-depth analytics and patent engagement. By combining data and engagement, patients benefit from custom service that can lead to therapy adherence.

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Our service offerings for local, state and federal agencies includes sharps and ultimate user medication disposal solutions. We build custom management programs for medical waste and medication disposal for schools, universities, counties, states and federal agencies.

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For ultimate users or sharps and other medications, we provide multiple solutions to help manage the proper disposal of the wastes generated from treatment. Our solutions are offered at retail pharmacies nationwide or through our online store.

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